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Q&A :

1. First off, in your perfect world, who tops?
I like it when they switch @_@ especially right after each other. I mean, I'm sure they have the stamina right? hahaha

Bonus follow up: Does it bother you if people write ZoSan ,for instance, but Sanji is the one topping?
Actually, i think it's really hot when they do that. I just can't picture Sanji just submitting without complaints... his complaints are part of the foreplay!

2. Sanji’s Sexuality is? (ie: Gay Virgin, Bisexual, Only gay for Zoro, manwhore?)
I love it when he's only gay for Zoro, my romantic side weeps with pleasure. LOL. But i also like variations in my fics, I just don't like Sanji-whore. hahaha.
Bonus follow up: If Kuina had lived would she and Zoro be in lurve and have a bunch of babies by now?
No! Zoro belongs to Sanji and no one else. @_@

3. Mpreg. Who carries the baby?
Bonus follow up: Tell me the kids name (If you say Zeff or Kuina, I demand a second choice as well!), gender, and their future career path as you see it.
Sanji! It's actually my dream to read a lengthy ZoSan mpreg but I can't seem to find any =_=
With regards to their children, i love the personality that Peroxide's Courtship Rituals shown. the two kids there were total love~♥ hahaha.
For myself, i can't think of any non-lame names but i can envision their kid is a very very good swordsman but prefers to cook. hahaha

4. Why do they fight so much?
I think that's their way of showing affection, as well as monopolizing the attention of each other... well, besides the fact that they love to fight.
Bonus follow up: After they get together and have the sexings will that change the fighting scenario any?
I'd rather that the scenario will stay the same, except with more lust and affection than anger. but they still fight as much if not more. ^_^

5. What role does Nami play in their relationship?
I like it when Nami and Robin play matchmaker. I love the schemes they come up with.
Bonus follow up: How about Luffy?
I love Luffy as someone who is emotionally intelligent even though he is intellectually deficient. (remember, stark_black 's Memories?)

6. Who is bigger?
Sanji. I don't know why. I think that would explain Zoro's swords. LOL.
Bonus follow up: Who gives the better blowjob? Why? How?
hmn..... Sanji would be the logical answer, i guess (with his oral fixation XD)

7. If they weren’t with each other, who would you pair them with? (het and/or yaoi)
No one else. Sorry. hahaha
Bonus follow up: Is there a chance for those 4 to be in an orgy together? What would that be like?

8. Who would they want to be the third in a threesome?
I don't like threesomes either, but if i really really have to choose it would be Ace. I mean, i think everybody must have slept with Ace sometime in their pirate-y lives.
Bonus Follow up: Who would YOU choose if you could watch?....... Ace still.

9. What is your favorite ZoroxSanji moment?
I haven't finished the manga yet, as of now I'm in chapter 404... and so far, I can't stop gushing over the scene during Water 7, with Zoro getting all worried for Sanji, and Sanji calling him Marimo-kun *melts*

Bonus Follow up: Which arc do you think has the most slashy moments between them?
I think I don't really have the right to say anything on this, since I've read so little. Care to spoil me?

10. When in the course of their travels do you think it was most likely that they’d get together? Maybe in Alabasta? Because they looked so comfortably intimate in Water 7 already... so.

Bonus follow up: Do you think they’d keep their love a secret on the DL?
I'd rather that they not. I like it when they are openly affectionate. (as affectionate as two bad-ass pirates can goXD)


1. Do you write fanfic of a ZoroxSanji persuasion?
Bonus: Pimp yourself! Post link to your fic here:
these aren't that nice though

2. Have you ever flamed or been flamed by someone?
In this fandom no, in another one yes.

Bonus: Was it deserved?
When i think about it, i really did badly on that story so i may have deserved it, but I think saying your opinions in a nice and polite manner is way better when you want to help someone improve.

3. Is there a new fanfic you are currently obsessed with?
Politically Correct by enhancedbycolor 
Betting by GeckoMoriaShadowLord

Bonus: How about an older one you’re dying for an update to?
an older one? hmn... I can't remember TT_TT

4. Do you have a favorite AU you like to see the boys? (ie: modern day, high school, cowboys, spies)
I like everything. hahaha.  I love Exclusive by cuethe_pulse though and would love to see more from this >_>
Bonus: How about a least favorite one?

5. Name a fanfic with great porn or a REALLY HAWT scene in it.
dreaming_fate 's CLRE
this one is hot too :3

Bonus:How hot did it make you?
As hot as it will probably make you if you read it =_=

6. What is the fanfic you’ve been the most emotionally moved by?I thought of quoting from Memories, but I feel like a lot of people would quote from that as well so here is something that i am so in love with these days.... Politically Correct

Bonus: Copy/Paste a sentence or two from a part that moved you.
It's a bit long sorry =_=

“I see it, you know, in your eyes.”

Sanji looked down at him inquisitively.

“I don’t need to be surrounded by the ocean to see all blue. I just need to look into your eyes.”

Sanji froze. Zoro had no idea what he was saying. Because what he was saying was making Sanji suddenly feel something that felt an awful lot like feelings. And feelings was something that Sanji was definitely not supposed to have on the second fuck. At least, not for someone with a penis. At least. Not for Zoro.

“You have no idea what the fuck you’re saying.” The inside of Sanji’s mouth felt too wet. It was making him swallow more often than was possibly natural. “Sure, my eyes are blue. But that’s not what I’m talking about.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about either. I ate the food you made at the soup kitchen and I saw you afterwards. That food was the same quality as what you’d make for the girls or serve at your catering events. How exhausted you were later that night was proof that you hadn’t held back during the day. Your eyes may register social status, but you don’t discriminate because of it. Your eyes reflect more than just the ocean’s color.”

Feelings. Feelings. Feelings. “You have no idea what the hell you’re saying

Sanji lowered his head and their lips met for a painfully slow and tender kiss. It was a kiss that contained more than the sex ever had.

Zoro contemplated the fact that maybe he didn’t have any idea what the hell he had just said. But Sanji was trailing wet kisses down his chest, tongue dipping into every groove of scar and muscle and Zoro couldn’t bring himself to seriously think about what that kiss had meant. At least, not right now.

7. Name a favorite fanfic or two that has excellent ZoroxSanji nakamaship but it technically not slash due to the author’s leanings.
Can't think of any.
Bonus: Name an FF writer that you wish wrote ZoroxSanji slash or pornz.

8. What is the most ridiculous or OOC thing you’ve ever read in ZoroxSanji fanfiction?
...... maybe I'll just keep it to myself? I'm not one to talk, really.
Bonus: What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve wrote?
I think most of the things are ridiculous TT_TT

9. Any ZoroxSanji topics/kinks that really excite you to see in fanfiction?
Amnesia. H/C.... Mpreg since there are so few.
Bonus: What advice or how-to guide would you give to Zoro/Sanji fanfic writing rookie?
I am one!! Gimme advice please?

10. What is a ZoroxSanji prompt you’d love to have filled? (feel free to link to a kinkmeme if applicable)
Bonus: What would you give to see it done?
Can't think of any right now. Sorry....

Extra Credit!!
Top five favorite Authors: enhancedbycolor dreaming_fate chibi_trillian allbluechaser sabershadowkat (I have tons of others though =_=)

Top five favorite Fics:
starkblack 's MemoriesPolitically Correct by enhancedbycolor , New Life by genuinelie , A Visitor from the Future and  Bound by Destiny


( 4 groped — Grope Sanji )
Aug. 3rd, 2010 04:36 pm (UTC)
I love that part of Politically correct too! I love all your fav stories actually (although I am behind in Bound by Destiny).

OMG!! I'm in your top five!!? (my allbluechaser persona is anyway!) OMG! OMG! That makes me so happy! Especially since I've never finished an appropriately long epic fic. XD


Glad you like this meme experience!
Aug. 4th, 2010 07:07 am (UTC)
Yes, you are. I hysterically frantically announced to all my friends when you reviewed one of my fics. hahaha. I was soooo happy then :P
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 5th, 2010 09:00 am (UTC)
cozza-chan!! Glad you liked 'em! hahaha. Goodluck on Memories~ That one is LONG. hahaha
Oct. 1st, 2010 10:33 pm (UTC)
I mean, i think everybody must have slept with Ace sometime in their pirate-y lives.

Damn right. :D
( 4 groped — Grope Sanji )

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